Why Should Mamas Vote?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about this upcoming election. You’ve heard all about the various candidates running for president, and maybe your local congressional and senate races. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve even heard about your state, house, and senate races.

But mamas, here’s the deal. There are far more positions up for election this year than just the federal positions. There are sheriffs, judges, coroners, and school boards all up for election this November. And I hear you, it’s overwhelming trying to figure out who all is running for what positions and the impact of those races. But let me tell you, Mama, it is so important to carve out the time to be an informed voter this season.

The outcome of our school board elections impacts what our kids learn at school. The impact of our sheriff elections determines how our children and families are treated by the criminal justice system.

This. Election. Matters.

Here at MAR we are non-partisan, but that doesn’t mean we are non-political. We want to lift you up and empower you to vote this season. We encourage you to connect to your local MAR members and chapters to be informed. Make a plan to vote today. Think about when, where, and how you will vote. Seek out information and support from other moms. Offer to carpool, educate, and support other moms you may know.

Together we can mobilize and make our mama voices heard this November!!

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