What are some ways to make voting more accessible?

We had some great responses to this question, and based on the responses, some trends seem to be evolving.

  1. Add more voting sites, particularly for those who want to vote early!

  2. Improve public education about government and economics/US civics

  3. Automatically register all voters at 18 or allow same-day registration

  4. Vote via absentee ballot in order to vote early

  5. Make Voting Day a national holiday

  6. Provide free public transportation to the polls

Other ideas are sure to crop up as we get closer to November 3.

In the process of becoming an informed voter, it seems reasonable to assume that we will all be doing some research soon. Some questions you might want to ask your favorite search engine are:

  1. Where do I go in order to vote?

  2. How do I register to vote?

  3. Can I vote early? If so, how?

  4. How do I get an absentee ballot?

  5. What seats are up for election in my district?

  6. Who is running for election and who will show up on my ballot? Is everyone who is running for election on the ballot? Can I include write-in nominees?

  7. Are there any policies or laws that I will be able to vote on? How will these laws affect me? other people in my community?

  8. What is voter suppression? If I see it or experience it, what should I do about it?

  9. How will social distancing protocols affect my ability to vote? what about other people?

  10. Can I volunteer at the polls?

Tip: Choose which questions you are going to research and give yourself a deadline for having the answers. While you're at it, give yourself a deadline for making a plan to get to the polls and find some ways that you can share your social capital to help others get to the polls, too.

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