Now is the Time to Make a Dream Reality

Much has occurred in this infant of a year to cause many to question our current reality.

Insurrection, Coupe, Revolt, Revolution, Civil Disobedience, Collective Violence.

We might wonder what these ideas mean and how to apply them to our here and now.

We might wonder how to teach our children about the world around them in the wake of extreme circumstance, how schools should respond to the news cycles, or how we ought to respond in our own homes!

While for some of us, this past twelve months may have felt as though we've been plunged underwater or into the depths of despair, others will say things like "we've seen it all before."

Commentary has already been made by people with far more insight into the implications of everything than I can possibly offer, so I will keep it simple...

Martin Luther King Jr Day is coming soon, Inauguration Day will arrive shortly after, and Black History Month will follow. In this time, we should be aware, alert, awake to the meaning of these ideas and events too.

What legacy can we reflect on to inspire us now? In what ways can we focus on the promise of the future, justice for all, and bringing the dream of democracy into reality?

This is hard work.

Breathe. Reflect. Collaborate. Respond.

Allow for self care.

Repeat ... until the work is done.

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