Look How Far We've Come!

We hope that you are thriving in your journey with MAR. We are so elated to have a supportive group of Mom volunteers who unselfishly give of themselves and their expertise to make this mission come to life! Our advisory board and leadership team has done a stellar job since May 28th! We've curated content, launched programs, workshops, trainings, sent book baskets across the US, partnered internationally, advocated in schools and our communities, emailed, cried and loved on all of our members and kiddos. Last but not least we do this while juggling motherhood! We love this passion work and we enjoy this sisterhood while working diligently to sustain our necessary mission.

However....we could use your help! We are growing and it is a great position to be in as a newly established grassroots organization. If you would like to join one of our volunteer teams we invite you to learn more about what we have done and what we are currently doing. If any of our activities interest you, please join us so that we can continue to thrive together!


We have grown to over 3.9K members in our group and now operate as MAR USA! We have launched 5 State group sites and have a goal to add 1-2 per month. This month we made tons of updates to our website including adding MAR NEWS & Events. We are also connected to the MAR International site. Follow us now on MAR twitter, linkedin and IG sites. We organized our social calendar and have committed to hosting monthly MAR Convos, EDU with Future First Education, MAR Book Club & weekly Kids activities. We posted Unit 1: Welcome to MAR (YAY!) And, hosted our State Leadership on-boarding with a New Member Roundtable. Post-Covid we have developed a strategic plan to fulfill the MAR mission through grassroots work on a local, state and federal level. We were approved as a registered 501(c)3 with GuideStar and our profile goes live Monday! Lastly, we applied for a grant to funds to help support a new MAR Delaware Event and successfully secured a Match Program with a Social Justice Legal Group in Charlotte, NC. If you are interested in becoming a MAR Leader or serving on our board we would love to have you on our team, please email me. (State Chapter Leaders & Enrolling 3 Board Members)

MAR Founder, NaTasha McNeil



This month we launched Future First Education which will provide EDU opportunities Exclusive programs for MAR members and additional programs for Non-members. We successfully completed our first Advocacy Action Plan addressing concerns with Social Studies Standards with the NC School Board. Through our diligence and advocacy we contributed to the new inclusive standards passing for teachers and students in North Carolina. This is "doing the work". We hope that you stay connected and learn more about FFE as we continue to develop our DEI programs, workshops and trainings. We have 6 volunteers currently but, would love to have more educators and administrators on-board as we strive for "Equitable Teaching Closing The Divide".

Contact: Abigail Rose Prang-Vreeland




The Childcare Advocacy Team just wrapped up a partnership with iDREAM Week celebrating black history and hosting MLK events for kids. We recently curated a "Book Challenge" for black history month. We customized a 2 week "Adopt a Preschool" challenge where preschools throughout our MAR Chapter States will receive a special invite and package from MAR to join and enter to win classroom prizes. We launch weekly newsletters to keep all members informed on upcoming events. We have much more in store and can't wait for you to join our team!

Contact: Megan Wetzel




The Teen Advocacy Team just kicked off with 6 awesome volunteers. We successfully curated a "HERstory Basket" that will be sent to 5 states in an effort to empower and support Black Teen Girls and surprise them will a little Black Girl Magic basket of goodies to support them in their journey. If you have a teen or interested in working with this age group we'd love to have you on our team, we are also in search for a Co-Lead.

Contact: Megan Wetzel




Our Co-Leads are licensed Therapists and have done a STELLAR job in motivating us every Monday through "MAR MINUTE". This motivational time helps to remind us of our self-care journey and wellness. This month we launched a "What I want you to know" campaign which amplifies Black MAR VOICES throughout Black History Month and gives them a platform to share their "Truths". We welcome healthcare and wellness professionals to join our team to continue to provide programming for our MAR members and develop new ways to Advocate in the healthcare system.

Contact: Narkeya White Byrd



Our team welcomed 3 new bloggers on our team. We rebranded the way we will deliver MAR NEWS to our members and subscribers on a monthly basis. Our team has worked behind the scenes to support our Advocacy teams in communications, journalism and content support. Our Newsletters will be housed on the website you can be the first in on "BREAKING NEWS" by subscribing to MAR NEWS. In the future we look to bring a monthly live Broadcast Segment to our MAR members and Podcast. To help us with our vision to provide relevant, sourced, vetted and speedy news please join our team!

Contact: Katrina Kimbril




Thank you for engaging - commenting and posting - and doing so compassionately yet with firm accountability. And thank you for inviting all your friends. It is the goal to grow, grow, grow but we want to ensure we do so in a mindful and meaningful way so are super grateful when you invite awesome people to be part of our group.

If you have any ideas, comments, questions, concerns please email Admin@MomsAgainstRacism.org. If you are interested in volunteering with MAR, please check out our volunteer page: www.momsagainstracism.org/join-volunteer


NaTasha and the MAR Team

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We look forward to staying connected.

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