Day 7 of Diverse Shopping: For the kids

The holiday season is upon us and so is the rush for deals and thrills. Consumer dollars can speak volumes to corporations about what we support and value. Consider using your dollars to support BIPOC owned businesses and creatives while also getting something thoughtful, beautiful, and meaningful for the loved ones on your list!

Curated by Regional MAR Directors, here are a few of our favorite things!

As a nice little bonus, the writer of the blog (who is paid an affiliate commission when you use these links to purchase items on Amazon) has agreed to donate the commission to Moms Against Racism at no additional cost to you. Win for you, Win for the BIPOC owned business, Win for MAR!

  • Book Basket! Specify an age range and get a wonderfully diverse list of titles for the reader in your life. It’s a great value ...bonus!....supports MAR or check out these anti-racist books curated by some amazing MAR volunteers.

  • Diverse comics by Indigenous artists from Red Planet Books and Comics will open your kids’ bookshelves to all kinds of unique stories and new perspectives. Possibly best for older kids and teens, but great for any aspiring artists or reluctant readers on your gift list.

  • I’ve referenced them before, because their stuff is so cute! Craft projects by FELTastic Fashion are a great idea for the kiddos in your life! I don’t know about your kids, but mine loves to craft with Grandma!

  • Inspiration for mommy and daughter - raise your little activist right and outfit her in these adorable, adorable clothes. If my husband knows what I want, he’s going to get us a set or two of these cute trailblazer tees by Piccolina Kids. (on Amazon)

  • If you are the kind of parent who loves vintage toys, or if you have a person in your life who basically relives their childhood every time they play with their kids, this is the spot for the best gifts! Mother and Daughter duo, E&M stock vintage toys you’ll know and love. They’ve got tons of stock that might not even be on display yet, so send them a message to see if they have that hard-to-find gift you’ve been looking for.

  • While these products aren’t from small companies, grabbing multicultural items from big corporations is still a good way to let those companies know that the public wants representation and consumers are paying attention to the companies offering that representation for our kids. Multicultural Barbies are available in all shapes and sizes and much more representational of real women than we had when we were kids! Multicultural Crayons and Markers and Coloring Book and Multicultural Barbies

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