Day 6 of Diverse Shopping: For the Art Lover

The holiday season is upon us and so is the rush for deals and thrills. Consumer dollars can speak volumes to corporations about what we support and value. Consider using your dollars to support BIPOC owned businesses and creatives while also getting something thoughtful, beautiful, and meaningful for the loved ones on your list!

Curated by Regional MAR Directors, here are a few of our favorite things!

As a nice little bonus, the writer of the blog (who is paid an affiliate commission when you use these links to purchase items on Amazon) has agreed to donate the commission to Moms Against Racism at no additional cost to you. Win for you, Win for the BIPOC owned business, Win for MAR!

  • All the work by this artist is unique, but I particularly love “End of the Day” and wouldn’t be sad if a good friend were to get it printed for me as a throw pillow. I have a feeling you’ll find something cool for the art lover in your life at whether it’s an original or a print.

  • If you’re looking for commissioned pieces check out Nick Burns - the ninja Picasso - whose unique perspective will freshen up any space. Check out his gallery on Instagram and contact him via Facebook to discuss the portrait you’d like to commission.

  • If you’re looking for prints or commissioned pieces that take a more traditional point of view, check out Reena Paints who focuses mostly on paintings of women in traditional dress and traditional poses. She uses a lovely palette and soft lines. Her “Madhuri” print is particularly gorgeous!

  • Lovely acrylic originals by our very own Moms Against Racism member C Renee will brighten any home without jarring the senses. I particularly love, love, love “We are the Fire.” Check out her page and send her some love, y’all!

  • Looking for something unusual for the art lover in your life? FELTastic Fashion has small, felt sculptures, unique framed pieces, and wearable art pieces your artsy friends will really appreciate.

  • For softer palettes and ready-to-hang pieces, check out Lovely Earthlings. I particularly love the Book Smart series and might just be getting a few for some friends this year!

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