Day 11 of BIPOC Shopping: For the Foodie

The holiday season is upon us and so is the rush for deals and thrills. Consumer dollars can speak volumes to corporations about what we support and value. Consider using your dollars to support BIPOC owned businesses and creatives while also getting something thoughtful, beautiful, and meaningful for the loved ones on your list!

Curated by Regional MAR Directors, here are a few of our favorite things!

As a nice little bonus, the writer of the blog (who is paid an affiliate commission when you use these links to purchase items on Amazon) has agreed to donate the commission to Moms Against Racism. Win for you, Win for the BIPOC owned business, Win for MAR!

For the eaters

  • Partake was developed when two parents discovered their infant daughter had food allergies. When they couldn’t find healthy options for her, they set out to create their own solution. So they made Partake cookies, delivering healthy and delicious snacks that are wheat-, egg-, milk- and nut-free

  • Pipcorn has everything from cheesey puffs and crunchy sticks to popcorn and popcorn balls. Made with heirloom corn for better nutritional value and free from nasty chemicals, you can find these yummy snacks in Whole Foods and on Amazon.

  • Dulceology Bakery has lots of yummy options including vegan and gluten free sweets. Latina Owned Artisan Bakers in Baltimore MD. All desserts are freshly made to order. Imagine having these delivered to surprise friends and family.

  • Beautifully crafted and decadent chocolatey desserts can be found at XocolatlChocolate on Etsy.

  • My Cookie Dealer will have you addicted to giganormous (yeah, I said it!) cookies that you’ll have to share. I honestly don’t know how anyone can make a cookie this massive without it being raw on the inside, but these magicians pull it off! Stock is limited, but they ship well and freeze well too. 1 cookie can easily be shared with 4 people without anyone feeling cheated!

For the Cook

  • For your friends who love to cook, check out the Patti LaBelle cookbook Recipes for the Good Life or Desserts LaBelle: Soulful Sweets

  • Carla Hall’s Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration. If you’ve never heard of Carla Hall, you might recognize her as the only American judge on Netflix’s newest cooking contest Crazy Delicious. She teaches readers about the history and the preparation of soul food that feels elegant and down to earth all at the same time. Recipes that are certainly much healthier than the food your granny made, this cookbook is beautiful! I really wish I could get a gig editing one of these projects...I love a good cookbook and this one is delightful. (On Amazon)

  • Last but not least, if the cook in your life is a vegan or into soul food or really into Youtube, they’ll love these Tabitha Brown quote tee shirts (on Amazon). I don’t know why Brown doesn’t have a cookbook yet, but her carrot strip bacon is on my list of things to try...I just need an air fryer! (And, if you’re a fan of Brown, you know how true that really is!)

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