Day 10 of BIPOC Shopping: For the Beverage Bevvies.

The holiday season is upon us and so is the rush for deals and thrills. Consumer dollars can speak volumes to corporations about what we support and value. Consider using your dollars to support BIPOC owned businesses and creatives while also getting something thoughtful, beautiful, and meaningful for the loved ones on your list!

Curated by Regional MAR Directors, here are a few of our favorite things!

As a nice little bonus, the writer of the blog (who is paid an affiliate commission when you use these links to purchase items on Amazon) has agreed to donate the commission to Moms Against Racism. Win for you, Win for the BIPOC owned business, Win for MAR!

  • Black and Bold Coffee for those of us who really can’t drag ourselves out of bed any other way than a giant jolt of java. They even sell small java pods for those instant coffee machines you might have at the office. You can also find them on Amazon.

  • For the tea drinkers in your life, Marabette and Co has lovely options that match the level of passion tea lovers tend to have toward their elixir of choice! Loose leaf and holiday blends are available.

  • Speaking of tea drinkers, the gift baskets and unusual blends of loose leaf at Kolkata Chai are sure to please those tea drinkers who are a little less traditional about their very traditional drink of choice. The chai kits are amazing!

  • For the Beer Lover in your life: Black is Beautiful Beer. It’s very likely that this is only available in your area if you’re willing to drive to the brewery, so check out their locations in case shipping alcohol within your area isn’t an option.

  • Wine lovers will certainly enjoy these blends by McBride Sisters. Depending on your budget, and the degree to which your pal loves wine, you could also sign up for a subscription and take advantage of some savings and surprises.

  • If you like Whiskey, check out Uncle Nearest - the slave who taught Jack Daniels everything he knew about whiskey.

  • Cocktails anyone? Du Nord Craft Spirits If you’re into liqueurs or other mixers, check out this company. Located primarily in Minnesota, they will ship out of state where permitted.

  • Ten to One Rum in a variety of shades and great recipes to boot.

  • Vodka from Loft and Bear

  • You have to drink these various fluids from some kind of vessel, so why not check out the beverage containers of all shapes and sizes from indigenous artists.

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