Current Legislation drafted to disenfranchise people of color, even during Black History Month

We are 3 days into the month of excitement and eagerness to explore black excellence and black history. During this healing process of our nation its easy to miss what's happening right in front of our eyes. This bureaucratic gesture is exactly why we are knee deep in a "Black Lives Matter" movement as a nation. I hear echo's of government leaders from the past and present saying " What you don't know, won't hurt you, until you know." This is the foundational roadblock to discovering the truth about our government, our nation, our people. Legislation.

As an organization founded upon the call of "mama" during a movement of racial injustice against our black brothers, sisters, mothers,fathers, daughters and sons; The Moms Against Racism voice is sounded through protesting peacefully to answer the call "mama" when our children, our nation, our people cry out for change. This step of legislation is the greatest insult to black history, black citizens and our ancestors who marched for freedom.

I cringed reading this excerpt (yesterday Feb 2, 2021) drafted from The Washington Post ( By: Tim Craig)

"Dozens of Floridians showed up at the state capitol in Tallahassee to testify against the governor’s protest bill in front of a House committee Wednesday, arguing that the measure would cripple free speech and make it easier for law enforcement agencies to discriminate against people of color."

“We just want to know, was it written on the same parchment paper that the slave codes were written on?” asked community activist Arlinda “Tray” Johns. “Because to us in the Black Community, this feels very Jim Crowish.”

The GOP-dominated committee approved the bill, which is expected to pass the full House in coming weeks.

Read the full article here:

My question to our organization is: During "Black History Month" How can we protect the voices of our black ancestors during a silencing act of legislation?

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