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Rock Hill, SC Police Incident

MOBILIZATION MODE: f you do not have experience strategically organizing or you are not following someone who mobilizes with clear direction, please be careful - this is not a game.

There are several ways for you to take action and push for justice safely. Our group of experienced advocates and allies have come up with weekly actionable steps until JUSTICE is SERVED! Please be sure to subscribe to follow our mobilization updates. To remain effective, our efforts are confidential. Pending the follow through on our demands WE WILL MARCH, PEACEFULLY!

We have revised our original statement. Edit to add: The RHPD has said no tasers were used, which was confirmed by the leader of Rock Hill's NAACP, Apostle Norma Gray. We will continue to wait for that evidence to be released; however, video footage clearly shows excessive force was used by multiple officers, resulting in facial injuries.

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