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Advocacy in Education Handbook

This handbook is intended for any MARs who would like to embark upon anti-racism advocacy within a school, school district, school board, or PTA/PTO. While it is certainly not exhaustive, it does provide several starting points, consideration, and ideas to help advocates develop a deeper understanding of what is at stake and how to move forward.

Reparations Edition

The idea of mututal aid is that MAR members are both giving and receiving. FOr unity to happen, we need to be giving more than we are taking. Sometimes we are in a season of taking and then can be in a season of giving. Sometimes we can be creative with our daily giving to respect, value and show our appreciation for our daily receiving.

Mutual Aid Monday is a weekly program for those who are contributing to the learning in the MAR space-the BIPOC members-to be supported and have their time and emotional labour.

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